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5/27/2017 17:28

Been saving my graces for a blessing like you.

Been saving all my first impressions to impersonate and embody everything your heart desires.

Been writing roses are red and violets are blue

But the true flower is you...

A garden full of geraniums and lavenders..

Different shades of pinks and purples making you the best sunset and sunrise.

I stop to stare at you.

Maybe take a pic or two.

See hearts in your clouds

Stars in your smile

Medusa eyes that don't turn me to stone but keep my thoughts immobile

And this happens on and off...

Once in a while..

Could never attempt to caress whatever's left because you don't want whatever's left. And it's an ongoing test.

Of trying to be the best but truly never being the best..

You don't need to ask for his permission.

Because only your soul and your heart can dictate your movement to the right position.

So stop hoping and start wishing.

And let's begin this mission.

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