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Jamaal Bonnette is an artist out of Brockton, Mass. Also known as Barry, Jamaal has been painting and displaying his work since its early inception in 2014. 


Barry has displayed his work in galleries across Boston, particularly at the Piano Craft Gallery for a month long interactive exhibit (2019). The Stacey Adams Cultural Building also housed and displayed Jamaal’s work for a month long multi-artist exhibit (2019). Also being housed in buildings such as The Liquid Art House (2017) and Savvor Night Club in Boston, Jamaal has also teamed up with the Culture Collection of CT, to displaying his art in Hartford (2016). He was also spotlight artist for a week long installation at Canvas of Memphis in Memphis TN (2018). Lastly he’s regularly in Rhode Island as part of Bond Brotherhood annual Art Show.



My work implements ideas of higher spiritual entities to highlight overlooked love, compassion & growth. 


The idea that we are all a product of Mother Earth is cornerstone to my pieces. I bring those ideas to the surface by highlighting the unity and exploration of ones self and nature. As the maker, I interpret my pieces of work to be a set of stages in ones growth whether it be mentally or physically; the stages of self evolution are evident in the way the progression, highlights different milestones occurring on the journey. I tend to embed hidden symbolism, even as simple or as drastic as the paint color. The aspect of space, time and reality all being intertwined is a major factor in my work. Many of my pieces of work relate to each other by being extensions of the story that’s already being told. Figuring out the order is something for the spectator. 

Creation On Man:

I'm working on this "The Creation of Man" body of work to document my spiritual journey reconnecting with myself. I’ve imagined my new found journey on finding myself a rebirth. This rebirth is not depicting the stages of pregnancy, but the stages of how one puts ones’ mind back together. The idea of losing and finding yourself. Depictions of fear & uncertainty but also peace, because spiritual journeys are not just wary, but peaceful. I put together a presentation in stages of birth. From pregnancy of the mind to realization of life. The significance in understating what is growth and how to flourish through it. The pieces of work are in succession of each other, tying the process of spiritual growth to actual birth in unison. The chronological order of events highlight different stages of ones natural growth, and ones spiritual growth.

Some pieces sidetrack from the journey but still continue with the idea of creation, highlighting personal battles and insecurities I'm dealing with. The detail & abstract concepts of my art work is purposely done to show mistakes are beautiful and to make the spectator not only use their eye, but their mind.



My Poetry reflects all the ideas of my mental state. Through those you will see my obsession with metaphors. My poems metaphorically mirror lust, love, pain and understanding.  

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