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Moonless Sky

You move just like the ocean. Creating ripples in my mind that extend throughout my soul. You look just like sun. Shining, blinding to the eye. But your 13 hours of fame isn't enough to keep warm. You taste just like heaven. Soft. You're presence is effortless. Like clouds. Always trying to read the shape of your body language. Today I see a heart. And a smile. Two things I haven't seen in a while. You smell just like fresh water. Clean Clear Breathable Eyes like gems lost in a rail cart outside the mines. Smile like granite. Laugh like happiness is demanded. Your soul speaks in languages only love can translate. Holds conversations with patience and tells it to slow down and be patient Your steps are lily pads floating in the river Hips like the stream itself. Rich in positivity as if that's the most important kind of wealth. And it's all good for my health. You're like the night sky. Clear. And the blemishes are stars waiting to be wished upon. You're like the wind. And I wish I could kiss you forever. Dandelion seeds spreading my dreams into reality.

You're like the grass. Healthy and growing. Like the trees, only swaying to things that move you. And I want to move you. Create a breeze that makes you sashay all the way to love. You're like the moon. And I can't stop staring at you. Craters holding my corneas as I stare back. You're like heaven in a glass An angel on paper. Something I can hold on to. Your smile is.... Everything I needed Everything I need. To personify this dream. To make me not want to go to sleep. To make me not want to eat. Your love is the nourishment I need. Tears I bleed. As everything around me begins to deplete. Then there's just you.... And me

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