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Chapter 4

“Got me going crazy thinking bout you. Lost inside a world that’s so unfamiliar. Shatters pictures. And suddenly it hits me, this cruel reality, that this emergency is so bitter sweet. I see you in my dreams, tell me whats this means?”

An entity of false fantasies replaying in my penal gland, making every ghostly touch raise the goosebumps on my body creating a sand paper like texture on my forearms.

I would hear your voice in others. See your face in others. But you’re like no other.

Trying to figure out if your a devil trying to taunt me, or an angle trying to sedate me. Come take me. Your cannibalistic eyes eat away at my soul and take a bite out of my heart.

Wounded at war.

Your voice is more addicting than meth, and the methods taken to tongue twist your syllables into sensual dances as they roll of your taste buds and french kiss my eardrum, have me in a coma of lust.

I can feel your soul run up and hug me before you do. I can feel the butterflies in your stomach as they tickle mine when we embrace... Or maybe those are just mine.

“You got me sick in paranoia. Rubbing Vicks on my imagination.

Caught in a daze, flight of fancy. Articulation, she is the air. I want to respirate, or hyperventilate”

Shit when I feel the fabrics of her mind... She’s so reactant.

If this was a fairy tale it would have to be Hansel and Gretel. I was Hansel, and you were the bread crumbs.

The trail I would follow back to happiness.

The wonder bread trail of wild wonders if I ever was to wander. My security if anything went wrong. My lock box of keys to my heart you forever hold dearly in the safe encompassed by your chest cavity.

And I praise the hands the praise the man, and will be there till the end. Never finished and still wondering where it began. But I'm the same man and I really hope your the same chick, and the ink I'm using to write this was from my wrist where my heart laid on my sleeve and now it’s slit.

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