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Talking to Lavenders

Temperate thoughts lost in the crevices imbedded in your cheekbones. Hazelnut diamonds entice unimaginable truths to surface to reality.

Then I get lost in your heir, your throne. Filled with traces of carbon dioxide from my heavy breathing being in the presence in your ambiance. Simplicity in its most complex form. Southern silk seams outline the crevices of which counting was originated. Digits, lay out the map for where each embrace will be placed. Outside, the pollex sits there, grabbing hold of whatever is left. Separate poles interject when necessary colliding both logic and instinct. Inner peace and awareness. Correlating compassion and empathy to all work as one unifying the unison we create when our souls embrace. Melting in palms which spelled out perfection in- between. And it seems, that this couldn't only be a dream.

Indigo prisms valiantly perch onto Saturn’s rings creating sunset like images amongst its frame. Opaque lavender lakes stream from fingertips blessed with an angels touch.


Lucid thoughts only end up resetting the stages of detox. Leaving my thalamus focused on the scent left from each breath mystifying peppermint lips from being kissed. Then my mind goes adrift.

“It writes smooth”

Quick flicks of the wrist somehow untangle and entangle us right back in this bliss. Walking down Sunrise Blvd. blinded from the glare and the mist.

Acoustic strings echo from a distance replaying my heartbeat in rhythm with the steps I take, turning the rays to heat me with their warmth. And as the sunrises, I set and sit. On the edge of my sanity recollecting it all, accompanied by you.

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