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Left Unsaid



I was in need of some change and I saw that you were the brightest diamond around..

She laid on my chest not aware of how important this song was.

A complete subliminal:

"You were the one I was missing the opposite of fiction and that's facts. Oh it's a given I don't care bout opinions, that's facts.... facts...."

She asked for it. Talked like she knew I was going to say yes.



And made sure no wasn't an answer.

Hands warm.

My cold blood made it feel good to her.

Never think she touched a Lycan..

Serious black.

As she made scratches in my back.

Wish I could tell her to breathe but we didn't have time for that.

Her body climaxed right next to where her soul collapsed.

And then and there, I finally had the key to her mind... alas..

It's time:

I begin to take her chakras off.

Each one at a time.

Starting with the root.

Her animal instincts brought her here so let's satisfy it's wolfs.

I wanted her more than she knew.

She wanted me the same.

But we hold each other oblivious to the fact that we're puzzle pieces..

And I perfectly fit.. right there.

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