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The Sky's Hour Glass

I just wanna stay warm and look at the stars.

And trace out the constellations.

There goes Orin's belt.

The Big Dipper.

There goes


The sun rise

Dilating my pupils

Brightening my eyes

Now I see all your true colors in the sky.

Pink resembles your ambiance

Purple the wisdom


The strength holding these colors stagnant.

As I rotate around you from earth.

Catching each and every angle and side.

Clouds showing me the shape of all your curves.

I can make out my favorite things in most of them:




And sometimes a shape of clouds form creating this elegant silhouette and it's got me wondering if this is you?

Long hair, just seems to flow with the wind.

Slim soft

It's like you float

Then a plane passes right by you and distorts the view.

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