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Worm Moon

She had a purple mind.

Blue heart.

Green stomach, and red bottoms…

I wondered where she could’ve been, or where she was coming from.

Or leaving..

She stood eye to eye with me, her heels brought her 5’6 straight to my 6 feet.

10 toes touching 20 wishes with the 21st in the sparkle of her eyes.

a shooting star,

She smiled at me.

I started to like things like these.. it was amazing.

I’ve waited for us to come to a point like this.

One where it tested what we're really about.

I tried to show her all my cards but in war the lowest card loses, and I was always on the bottom..

She was more dominant than she thought.

An apex species, and a sight to be seen.

But this energy was all fit with silent screams, and subtle make up sex in between..

It felt like one of those body paralysis dreams. When you scream but can’t scream,

you can hear everything but you’re stuck opposite serene, and then you wake up

and never wanna dream..

Thats how I'd paint this scene.

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