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Don't Remember Me

Leave me in all the places you left me and forget me.

Don't remember me.

Don't think of any place we could be.

Or that restaurant where you wanted to eat.

No waiter will be waiting to take your order with a smile.

No appetizers or drinks.

Please stop texting me when you're busy.

It's insulting.

Don't hit me because you felt risky, then got stuck in a situation that oh so sticky.

That's not my fault.

That's what happens when you're oh so picky.

Control alt shift key.

Let me manage my unprocessed files due to your inconsistencies and malfunctions.

Imma scan my soul for any viruses you may have left in my system.

Things like:


Positive words

Your face

They all gotta be erased, from all my five senses. Because I don't want to see you, hear you, smell you feel you, if I can't taste.

It's a two three count with two outs, don't steal. Stay on your base.

This RBI single will only bring one home safe.

And in that case, you're on second base.

So now you'll know how it feels to be so close to home but too late.

Pop fly to the shortstop made this a shortstop and we're back in the dugout that you dug out.

Unfortunately hibernation isn't my thing so I'll head out.

Enjoy the warmth of yourself. I hope that rest makes your spirit and soul refreshed and ready for a new test because mine went up and left.

I know you don't like RPGs but here's your new quest, and hopefully your rpg doesn't blow up in your face and create a whole new mess.

I wish you the best.

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