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The Lifeguards Seat

The sea breeze rushing through the pores of my skin. Goosebumps rise from my flesh getting their first look at the universe. The smell of innocents tingles my nose hairs enticing my heart to dance to a new rhythm.

The synthetic truth being melted into a puddle of lost dreams only to be evaporated into faith, condensed into optimism and precipitate down to reality.

The cycle of life, or rain.

But matter doesn’t matter when it’s not even real.

Paralyzed feel.

Attempts to become nimble as the faint body surrenders to its embrace. Then night takes over and you’re nowhere to be found. Darkness accompanies me on this journey through my mind. Misconception. Deceit.


Back into my dreams where the grin of the Grim isn’t seen.

Soul rich in complacency, combining consistency and charisma into a combustible toxin produced in a futile attempt to reincarnate chivalry.

The knight in shining amour.

A night shining in honor, guarding the moon with its life. Trenches and moats with hydrogen tenants blinding to the eye and burning to the touch aid the knight in protecting Diana as she illuminates nocturnal demons bringing truth to the surface.

Sea breeze rushing again, goosebumps replacing the pores on my skin, back to where we began, when will this ever end?

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