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Delivery Room

I see you.

Angles dancing in your corneas as your first breath is of second hand smoke infecting your lungs with the whisper of the devil already marking his territory.

Tissue soft bones melt in my palms running off tips of cartilage that has yet to be formed.

The heart monitor says I'm more nervous than I'm showing.

Your eyes wide staring into my soul like you knew me for my whole entire life. 10minutes of regret turned into 48 days of despair

29 days of worship

57 days of imaginary laughs turned into crooked smiles where my tender love and care will shelter you from black holes.

And it's true that young Simbas are born sinners

Too weak to see that down the hall there are 4 teens harboring souls ready to flourish into stars forming another constellation to be followed more than the North Star to serenity.

89 memories of names from Allen to Zachariah when in reality I shoulda called you Jesus, or compass the way you showed me the light and made me grow as my stomach did.

3 hours and 3 minutes into an unplanned labor that turned into a blessing in disguise when I cradled you in my arms.

Stretch marks on my stomach display the 9 months of constant kicks, and if you look closely it kinda looks like it spells out love.

Your cries sound like a symphony of humming birds sipping the nectar from my ear drum pollinating my soul with your essence.

3lbs 5 ounces.. Who woulda thought a burden could weigh so little?

I look you into your eyes for what could be the last time.

I cry.

Your mother walks in.

She cries.

Left in pain and sorrow I cradle the air and rock as if your still there.


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